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We offer a wide range of driveway or pedestrian gate styles to fit your requirement. When considering a gate it is important to bear in mind what the end result is you would like to achieve.


  • Would you like something purely to achieve a safe access control point with costs your main concern* – Plain galvanised steel finish, manually operated and locked, lighter steel sections utilized with out compromising the strength of the gate or perhaps DIY?
  • Would you like a design that is going to enhance the overall look of the access point with easy remote opening options – Galvanised and painted / epoxy coated, automated, custom designed** to compliment its surroundings, heavier steel sections used to create an over engineered solid feel, scrolls or cast iron mouldings, logos or designs cut from steel plates inserted into the gate etc.
  • Is privacy your main focus – Consider the strength of a steel frame clad with either hardwood timber slats, galvanised steel plates, maintenance free fibre cement*** slats or boards or a combination of these different materials.

    Another very important aspect to consider is the final finishing of your gate; we have mastered airless spray painting enabling us to apply the more environmentally friendly water based enamels and acrylic paints to our products. We also offer the more conventional epoxy coated finishes. Each final finish option has its pros and cons; we will offer advice to help you choose if you are unsure.

  • wooden pedestrian gate 01
  • wooden pedestrian gate 02
  • wooden pedestrian gate 03
  • wooden pedestrian gate 04
  • wooden pedestrian gate 05
  • wooden pedestrian gate 06
  • steel pedestrian gate 01
  • steel pedestrian gate 02
  • steel pedestrian gate 03
  • steel pedestrian gate 04
  • steel pedestrian gate 05
  • steel pedestrian gate 06
  • wooden driveway gate 01
  • steel gate
  • wooden driveway gate 03
  • sliding driveway gate 04
  • wooden driveway gate
  • steel driveway gate
  • steel sliding gate
  • steel driveway gate
  • steel sliding gate

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