We have been fencing homes and businesses in and around Cape Town for over 10 years.
With our knowledge and experience we can assist you with the perfect fencing solution for
your needs.

Fencing styles include bar fencing, palisade fencing, steel with timber cladding and pool fencing.
Each style has their place as far as aesthetics, security, terrain or economy is concerned.

Considering Cape Town’s close proximity to the sea all our fencing products are hot dip galvanised.
The life span of our fencing can be further increased with galvanised mild steel primers and enamel
or acrylic top coats. Almost any colour can be attained or matched helping you to blend your fence
into its surroundings or stand proud as a show piece.

As fencing contractors in Cape Town we offer a free on site consultation to help you better understand
the various fencing products we offer.

  • steel fencing 01
  • steel fencing 02
  • steel fencing 03
  • wooden fence
  • steel fencing 05
  • steel & wooden pool fence

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