The obvious presence of electric fencing with its bright yellow warning signs is an excellent visual and highly effective psychological deterrent for any potential intruders which equates to a potent front-line defense against criminals.

The biggest advantage of electric fencing is that it is pro-active security, giving the potential intruder a nasty shock as well as sounding a siren and alerting your armed response through your household alarm system.

All our fencing products are installed to SABS standards and using only the best quality Nemtek products, you can feel secure that your electric fence will keep you and your loved ones safe for many years to come. All Nemtek electric fencing energizers utilize battery backup ensuring active protection during power outages.

Solid corner posts must be installed at all corners and at steep elevation changes. Good quality insulators and springs are essential for trouble free operation; this is particularly important on long fences with high powered energizers, as poor quality insulators may not withstand the high voltages and energy needed to effectively power a long fence and weak springs may sag under the tension a long run puts on the fence.

Maintenance and up-grades to existing electric fencing systems is also offered. Call us for a free quotation and advice on all aspects relating to this excellent intruder deterrent system.

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