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Burglar Bars

With a heavy increase of housebreaking and forced entry it is becoming imperative to protect your windows.
We endeavour to do this in as attractive a manner possible without compromising your security.

We manufacture and install many different styles of burglar bars and offer a wide range of colour finishes. Styles include cottage pane, straight verticals, spanish bars, fitted panels or decorative wrought iron designs. Our burglar bars are manufactured using mild steel sections securely welded together by our experienced welders. Fully framed, these bars have no movement once installed into your walls which virtually eliminates forced entry by intruders.

An escape hatch is a noteworthy optional feature we can incorporate into a burglar bar. Until it is unlocked the bars are impenetrable but in the event of fire, escape can be effected through an otherwise barred window. A variety of traditional locking systems can be used or electric locks with battery backup. An escape hatch works well if your room doors are inaccessible in an emergency or difficult to unlock quickly.

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