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Possibly one of the best known intercom brands in the world. Kocom manufactures cost effective and quality Audio and Video intercom systems for domestic and commercial applications.

We regularly sell & install the audio intercom systems and the Colour Handsfree video systems at a variety of properties.

Crystal clear audio and sharp video picture are two of the biggest benefits of using the Kocom equipment.





video intercom

The AX series offers seamless integration into existing security components including; CCTV, Electronic Access Control and PBX systems. The AX Series supports up to 8 master stations and 120 door stations all wired on CAT-5e cable. Best of all, it is PC programmable so system communication and functionality is set up in a snap.

Aiphone’s JK Series hands-free color video intercoms feature a 170° camera, digital pan/tilt/zoom (p/t/z) and picture memory. The extreme wide angle camera door stations provide nearly twice the view of other video intercoms.

The JF Series is a high performance, hands-free video intercom system with a superior monitor and an amazingly slim design. It is easy to operate and requires little time to install. The JF Series is the simple and effective solution to your security needs.

The Aiphone GH Digital apartment intercom system is the latest in the Aiphone range of apartment intercoms. With a similar architecture of the very popular Aiphone GF digital apartment intercom system the Aiphone GH apartment system offers the added features of Hands Free communication, Colour video, expandable to sixteen entrance stations, expandable to five hundred apartment stations and allowing up to four room stations to be installed per apartment.